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To many of us a photo serves as a personal visual history that we use to revive memories and emotions of another time and place. Photography is also an Art form that captures stunning reflections to share with others who cannot be there to witness it themselves.  Historians, Humanitarians, Politicians and the Media use Photojournalistic Documentaries to inform, persuade, and incite reactions. In Science, it is used in Space Exploration, Engineering, Architecture, Medicine and Forensics to name a few. It is this last application that recently caught my attention in the news.

GelSight, an amazing new soft optically transparent elastomer, coupled to a lighted macro lens produces the most amazing close-up images ever seen. Currently it is being perfected for marketing in the field of forensics, but after seeing the “youtube” demonstration below, I think everyone will see the endless potential for this amazing new technology.  As always claimed, a picture is worth a thousand words: